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All items displayed in Antiques Online Catalogue are privately owned and sold directly by the collector.

The items in this catalogue are displayed in the following main categories:

·        In the Judaica category we have: Candelabra, Hannukah-Menorah, Spice-Besamim, Torah-Pointers, Etrog-Boxes, Cups-Goblets, Megillah-Scrolls and other general Judaica items.

·        Israeli items or Israeliana, made in Palestine pre-1948, such as: Bezalel made items, Pall-Bell, Teppich and other wooden and metal ware items.

·        Russian, Islamic and Asian Art such as: Netsuke and Inro, and other general antique and collectables.

·        We display a collection of jewelry items, watches and chains, cigarette, snuff boxes and tobacciana. For the collectors of desktop related items, we have letter openers, inkwells, fountain pens and pencils.

·        We offer unique and rare sterling silver antique items, flatware, hollow ware and other metal ware.

·        Kitchenware items are displayed, such as: salts and condiments, tea and related, napkin rings, pitchers and pots, serving flatware, tongs, ladles, porcelain and pottery.

·        Paintings and prints, photography, furniture, carpets, antique coins and medals, music and old records.

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